About Us

"the door to happiness"

Elitdoor was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs who are experienced in the industrial sector due to their work in the PVC joinery (PEN) manufacturing, which has roots dating back 25 years.

As a continuation of the process beginning with the production of PVC Membrane door, Elitdoor does manufacturing in Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Site with latest technology machines and expert staff in 16.000 sqm production area with 6.400 sqm closed area .

Elitdoor provides best service to the customers with the production facilities and showrooms in Diyarbakır Province, Istanbul Province, and Trakya region.

Elitdoor Production department accelerated R & D operations in 2015, expanded its product range and began the manufacture of many products related to doors such as The Lacquered painted interior door, Melamine interior door, Steel exterior door, Emergency exit & fire door and Building Enterance door.

Elitdoor company primary purpose is to maintain the product quality at World's standards and to expand the distribution network that we created in both the domestic and international market, by expediting the R & D operations compatible with the market conditions.


İstanbul Main Office Showroom

Çerkezköy Showroom

Diyarbakır Factory